The Second Job

After finally recovering from our BBQ it was time to get back to work, not just to our day jobs but to what is fast becoming a part time job for us… organising this bloody adventure. We don’t like planning, that’s why we’re Plan F, but it seems that if you want to raise any money whatsoever you have to put some serious hard yards in… that involves planning and organisation, not normally our forte!

Although it may be something we try to avoid like the plague we’ve discovered in the last few months that we’re actually pretty good at planning. We managed to pull off our all-you-can-eat BBQ without losing money, design and made this fantasmical website and we wrote to a whole heap of businesses in hope of sponsorship. Even though all that had been done and was a big success, we still seem to have an ever increasing ‘To Do’ list. We still had to try to get more sponsorship, get all our injections sorted out, buy more kit, speak to Robert at the Tithe Barn about arranging a Race Night, write more letters, sort out team t-shirts… the list goes on.

The good news is that this list is finally starting to get shorter, both Al and I have had most of our injections. The Race Night is set for the 18th August at the Tithe, we’ve got our ‘Sausage Fest’ on the 13th, been into the local paper the Garstang Courier and the team t-shirts have been ordered.

The last week has seen the charity pot get a big boost, in the last week, two local businesses, Mobility Smart and Graham Heathcoate Hair Studio in Garstang have stumped up some serious cash to support us in this ridiculous quest to cross Peru in a Mototaxi. The Plan F Pub Quiz Challenge is still going strong and having not won anything last week we’ve come back stronger than ever with two wins, bagging ourselves £20 and 3 bottles of wine! Today I went down to the local Galloways Blind Club to give a talk on our adventures in India and the kind folk down there donated a further £20 to the cause on the proviso that we went back in November to talk about the Junket.

We’ve still got quite a lot of important stuff on our list though like; buy maps, learn how to fix a motorbike, oh and learn some Spanish! So, yes, there is a lot of important stuff to do yet, but we’ve still got 4 weeks to do all that in which is plenty of time, isn’t it?

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