Plan F join the Dixie Chickens

In 2011 when Al and I attempted to drive our Mototaxi the length of Peru we had a variety of supporters and followers from all over the world, some we knew, some we didn’t. Most people would just read our updates and rest assured that we we were in fact alive and that the only reason no one had heard from us for a few days was because we’d broken down in the Andes and were currently sleeping in a sheep shed. Sarah McLester, a complete stranger from South Carolina, on the other hand was not just following our progress but following the progress of the other teams and working out from them where we were. Sarah was planning to do the very same stupid thing the following year… crazy lady. Anyway, the Peruvian Mototaxi Mayhem came and went but Sarah and I stayed in contact as I passed her bits of advice for her and her husband Donald’s attempt. In the same way Sarah followed our updates, I followed hers and we would enjoy a good bitch about shit mototaxis, shit mechanics and shit roads… we bonded!

Fast forward 6 months and Sarah started talking about this ridiculous idea of buying an American school bus and driving it around the world, naturally I thought this was a splendid idea. The plan developed into them entering a team in the Mongol Rally and before I knew it she’d somehow persuaded me to come along for the ride, sadly not all the way, but across Europe at least.

So there it was, Team Dixie Chickens Bus was born. Having never met Sarah and Don, or any of her motley crew I’d be spending a few weeks of my summer riding a 1990 Thomas short bus across Europe with a bunch of strangers… You can read more about this trip on my personal blog, if you’re interested, click here.