Meet Rob – The 5th Member

Some time ago now we came up with an idea, an idea for a competition which would give one of our sponsors the opportunity to come with us. Obviously we couldn’t afford to foot the bill for all those bloody visas and we certainly didn’t think an extra body in the Felicia would help matters either – so we thought that taking a cardboard cut out with us would be the ideal, but equally stupid compromise. After sending out a few emails the wonderful folks over at bought into the idea and offered to help us bring the competition to life by sorting us out with a life size cardboard cut out of the winner.  The  idea being that the lucky winners cut out would come with us wherever we went and be in every team photo from here to Ulaanbaatar…

For everyone who sponsored us £10 we put their name in a hat, for every multiple of £10 thereof we added another ticket with their name on, increasing their chances and our sponsorship! So after months of you guys sponsoring us we drew the winner of our 5th Member Competition and  this fine fellow’s name came out. Meet Rob McLeod, equally as foolish and incredibly envious that he couldn’t get the time off to come with us. Luckily for Rob he is coming with us now, just not in the way he’d hoped.

Congratulations Rob!

Mr Rob

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