Painting The Rack

“Hold can 6 inches away from surface” it said, well that should be easy, all men know how big 6 inches is, its half the length of their penis – obviously! Turns out the instructions are wrong, they must mean “Hold can 12 inches away from surface” as 6 inches was clearly too close and it started to run immediately!!!

In all seriousness though I thought how hard can this be, I did an A Level in Art and i followed the instructions, turns out Hammerite are a set of liars. Perhaps it would have been easier to paint if the roof rack hadn’t been attached to the car – the panels for the secret cash stash painted just fine – either way, it was running and no matter what I did it just kept on running. In the end I gave up, sure we want our Rally car to look the business, but a few stickers over the top and no one will even know… thats the plan anyway.

So here it is, our painted (albeit badly) roof rack complete with high intensity spot lamps. Other modifications to the mighty Skoda include the hull otherwise known as sump and engine guard, the secret cash stash for the inevitable moment we are victims of a shake down, a second battery and our interior has been pimped out with an inverter and a whole load of 12v sockets. You’d think we were almost rally ready… however I have noticed there seems to be an issue with the temperature gauge. Yikes!

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