Plan F Events

You mean they CAN organise a piss up in a brewery?? Yes, and we can do even better than that! Since 2011 Plan F and their band of merry men (and women) have been throwing all sorts of events to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. From Quizzes and Race Nights to Festivals, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility. Here’s what we’ve done so far, keep checking back for future events.

Plan F-Stival 2014: Saturday 7th June! 

plan f-stival lineup poster JPEGThe lineup for this years festival is now sorted – check it out below. We’ve got some phenomenal acts, and we’re really excited! This year will feature a reprise of last years “Tunes on the Lawn” session, and we’ll also be having a Celidh led by our friends Mary and Anna in the evening.

As ever, we’ll have the festival’s key man Mr. William Bretherton manning the barbeque, and this year Rory from the Borough Brewery will be supplying us with some of his wonderful real ale.It’s still only a fiver in,  and once again all proceeds will be going to Marie Curie. If we can raise anywhere close to last years total then it will make a real difference.

If you’d like to attend, get in touch at, or get in touch with Alan on 07708 381470

Plan F-Stival 2013: The 2nd Edition

PlanFstival13(2)Oh my god, it’s happening again!

After the success of last years event, we’ve decided to do it again on June 9th. But even better. Live music, hot sausages, cold beer, and all manner of jiggery-pokery, tomfoolery and other antiquated words for fun. Once again it’s all for charity, and we’re determined to raise even more than last year.

So…for the moment, save the date, book day off work, tell all your friends how excited you are. There’ll be more details soon

If you can play an instrument, sing, have some sort of talent, or have an amusing facial tick that the people may find entertaining then get in touch. Likewise if you feel you can contribute in some other manner…provide a source of cheap/free booze or meat, have a stage or PA system kicking around in the shed or want to volounteer to help out with set up or tidying up then get in touch.

Much love, Plan F!

Plan F-Stival 2012

Following the success of last year’s Plan F events, this year we’ve decided to go one better…may we proudly present: The Plan F-stival.

What’s Happening?

– Saturday 28th April (this is slightly earlier than originally planned).

– Live music in my garden from 2pm til around 10.30pm. After that there’ll have an acoustic jam in Ronnie’s bar (or the garage, as it’s known the rest of the year. We’ll got some really good people playing, and we’re going to keep some slots ‘open’ as well, so if you’ve got a instrument then bring it along.

– We’ll have a barbecue going on, with everything £1. It might just be sausages, there might be other exciting goodies, I’ll need to have a word with the butcher and see what sort of deal we can get.

– There will also be a bar – everything, once again, will be £1.

– Tickets will be £5, payable in advance or at the garden gate – and this price will include a beer and a sausage in a bun. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO MARIE CURIE.

– There’s a limited amount of camping space, but this will also be in the area with music, so you’re welcome to bring a tent but be prepared to put it up drunk and in the dark.

Plan F’s Race Night

racenightFINALWhen? Thursday 18th August

Time? 8pm For 8:30 Start 

Where? Th’Owd Tithe Barn, Garstang

Cost? Free Entry, Bets etc TBC 

Details? Come on down and place your bets.. This is going to be a cracking night!

Buy your horses in advance for £5 and bag yourself a classic race horse such as Hoof Hearted, Norfolk Enchants, Wonkey Donkey, David Hasslehoof, Neigh Good and Schlong Odds to name but a few. If you are the horse owner and it happens to win, you shall win a special prize. If you wish to purchase a horse or have any good names, drop us an email on 

Betting amounts are TBC as yet but we’re looking at 20-50p so it’s not going to break the bank.

‘Bingo Star’ aka Roberto will be doing stand up bingo and there shall be a raffle with some great prizes to be won.

We don’t want any excuses, it’s for charity and we we want to see you all there. Maximum capacity of the pub is something close to 100 lets exceed that!!

All proceeds will be going to Marie Curie Cancer Care. 

Plan F’s Sausage Fest

sauspostWhen? Saturday 13th August (yep, it has changed from the Friday!)

Time? From 3pm onwards.

Where? Al’s Garden, Next to Al’s House 

Cost? Sausages a quid, beers a quid, wine a quid.. you get the gist! 

Details? Fear not ladies, you do not need a penis to have an invite to this next social gathering hosted by the Plan F Boys! After the massive success of the Plan F All-You-Can-Eat BBQ where we raised over £200 and partied on until 4:30 in the morning we’ve decided to host a ‘Sausage Fest’. The aim of the evening is to finish off the 60 sausages we have and to Drink-The-Bar-Dry.  

Plan F’s All-You-Can-Eat BBQ

BBQ POSTERWhen? Friday 15th July

Time? From 5pm

Where? Al’s Garden, Next to Al’s House

Cost? £5 a ticket, £1 a drink

Details? Please try to buy your ticket in advance so then we know how many people are coming and how much meat-in-bread is going to be required. If you just turn up, then obviously we’ll not turn you away, but if too many people do that we may run out of meat. And lets be honest, no-one wants that.

There will be a re-run of last years sports day, including the rather violent wheelbarrow race and the rather more genteel sport of boules. There might even be prizes. There probably won’t though so don’t get your hopes up!

On top of all this excitement you will be abe to be smug, very smug. You get to stand there with a beer in one hand and a sausage-in-a-bun in the other and know that every bite of that sausage is making the world a better place.

The Plan F Pub Quiz Challenge


We thought about organising a quiz, but then decided against that as we would not be able to participate, thus spoiling the fun. Instead, we came up with a cunning plan. You may even call that plan, Plan F!?!

Having worked out that there is a pub quiz on on near enough every night of the week, we decided to form a crack team of general knowledge geniuses to take on the mighty pub quiz circuit and to win as many of the top prizes as we could.

This motley crew of geniuses have a broad area of knowledge with specialist subjects including, sport, world geography, current affairs, 80’s pop music and less usefull things such as airports of the world and monopoly!! If you feel you can be of use then please click the ‘I’m Keen’ button and leave us a message on Facebook saying when you are free and what your specialist subject would be. 

So far we’ve attended 4 quizzes and won all 4 netting us; £35, 3 bottles of wine and a £10 food voucher…. It’s no longer about the taking part, its the winning that counts! 

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