Paper Cuts & Planning

Here at Plan F HQ we’ve had a busy few weeks in both our work lives and our social lives. I (Dave) have been flat out working for the last two weeks whilst Al has been on an intensive training weekend, living in a tent, not washing for four days and drinking wine for breakfast… Yes, Al has been at Glastonbury! Needless to say we’ve not got much done.

However, after a lot of ‘licking and sticking’, a great number of paper cuts and a near death experience when realising the cost of 50 stamps was almost £25, we were back in business. We assumed it would be a while before we got any responses, we were wrong. The following day we received a letter from Fisherman’s Friend, then the day after one from Halfords and the day after that one from the Blackpool Tower Circus, most of which were donating tickets, t-shirts or other random goodies to our cause… Nice!

Due to the initial good response, an emergency meeting was called at the pub to discuss what we could do next (all meetings at the pub are classed as an emergency, plus it was quiz night!). A number of ideas were discussed, quiz nights, auctions, raffles, BBQ’s… the list goes on. The next stage was to get the ball rolling. Anyway, Ssshhh… enough of that, its quiz time…. After a closely fought battle with regular teams The High Chairs and The Claylander’s, we reigned victorious, netting ourselves the modest £16 cash prize. Now, any of you who know Al and I would naturally assume, and I don’t blame you, that we squandered our winnings on the subsequent rounds, however you’d be sadly mistaken, it went straight in the sky rocket! Yes, we decided to throw it in the sponsorship pot… I know, I know, we’re selfless aren’t we?

Explaining that we’d be donating the money to charity, we got talking about this ridiculous adventure we were embarking on and within five minutes the Quizmaster was offering to sort us out a Race Night at Th’Owd Tithe Barn for free and there was even talk about a free hotpot supper!?! With free being Plan F’s favourite price, we nearly ripped his bloody arm off, said YES and that was that!!! We shall be heading back there next week for another ‘emergency planning evening’ so keep checking the website for further details and we hope to see you all there.

For now we’ve got a lot to be getting on with so, we’ll end this blog entry here and we’ll get posting again as soon as we’ve more news. In the mean time ‘Like’ our Facebook page Plan F – Mototaxi Junket and follow us on Twitter @PlanFAdventures for daily updates.

Oh, and before I go, in a moment of sheer brilliance (luck) I worked out another way for you kind fellows to part with your money.. Pick up your phone and text PLAN98 £5 and send it to 70070. Make sure you follow the link on the thank you text and Gift Aid it so that we can get the extra 25%, not Mr Cameron!


Dave :o)