The History of Plan F

The Birth of Plan F

Plan F came together when Dave and Al were travelling together for the first time. As callow youths, they naively thought you could make a rough plan of where you wanted to go and set off around the world. So they did…

As they went along they discovered that due to nasty inconveniences like needing a visa to get into some countries, idiosyncratic Indian railway networks, cancelling ferry bookings when drunk and other unforeseen circumstances “Plan A” rarely works out the way you thought and you need to make a new plan on the back of a napkin in a dingy bar in Bangkok.

More often than not though “Plan B” suffers a similar fate to that which befell “Plan A”, and so it goes on. Eventually, Dave and Al reached “Plan F”, which as it turns out, isn’t actually a plan at all, but a loose set of principles based around the idea that “if you just go with the flow everything will probably turn out alright”. All those things that go “wrong” are just going to make for a better story when you get home. So you’ve missed the train…have a beer, get the next one…even if it’s going in the opposite direction!

The Mototaxi Junket

After the death of Al’s dad, the lads decided they wanted to do something in his honour, and raise money for cancer charity Marie Curie at the same time. Although they’d done quite a bit of travelling together before, the Mototaxi Junket in Peru was where things really started to get a little out of hand. For those blissfully unaware it’s a 2000 mile race across Peru, through the Amazon rainforest across the Atacama desert and over the Andes. In this:


It’s unreliable, doesn’t corner well, and has a straight-line top speed of slightly faster than you can walk. Oh, and it’s not good with hills. Apart from that it was perfect. Rather predictably “Ronnie” never made it to the finish line, and after being crashed into a cliff, being driven on the wrong side of the road a couple of times, riding in a couple of trucks, being taken to pieces by coked up Peruvian mechanics in a cartel town, being part of the world’s least sensible rescue attempt…


…and three complete engine rebuilds in four days, the noble beast finally settled down to a life of quiet retirement in the Andean town of Cajamarca. The lads of course carried on, making it to the finish line first (admittedly in a rather luxurious coach rather than a blaze of glory on a battered Lifan 125).

The Events Division of Plan F & The Plan F-Stival

In the process of raising money as part of their Junket fundraising, the lads discovered they really quite liked putting on events – and what’s more – they were bloody good at it!

The inaugural Barbeque and Sausage-Fest was deemed a great success, while the now legendary Race Night surpassed everyone’s expectations by raising over £800. Buoyed by their successes, the lads decided to keep raising money even after the end of the Mototaxi Junket. And thus was born: The Plan F-Stival.

Live music, a well stocked bar, and a whole lot of barbequed meat has seen the festival get bigger every year so far, with the third festival in 2014 the best of the bunch (so far) raising over £1,100 in little over eight hours. By this time, Plan F was far bigger than just Dave and Al – friends and family were all helping out – and without them the festival simply couldn’t happen.

The Mongol Rally and New Blood

While the events continued, it seemed for a while that real-life was getting in the way of the adventuring – but with Al and Dave now approaching the grand old age of thirty this needed to change. Recruiting fellow adventure veterans Gilbey and Don, they began planning their next adventure…

The Plan F Photo Scrapbook

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