Sausage Fest

Sincere apologies for the lack of communication recently, it seems like everyday we’re fundraising and as such have completely neglected our blog. So whats been going on??…

Well in the last few weeks things have started to come together. We are now proud owners of a map and a phrase book.. however neither one has been even glanced at as yet, our team t shirts have been delivered, decals have been collected, oh and we’ve become local celebrities!

In terms of important stuff like learning Spanish and deciding on which direction to head we are still massively under prepared, but we do have an awfully long flight to spend some time working on these ‘minor’ issues in between taking full advantage of the free alcohol.

So after the rip-roaring success of the Plan F All-You-Can-Eat BBQ we had decided to host yet another BBQ to clear out all the leftover booze and food. Seeing as how there was a truck load of sausages left we naturally decided to name this event ‘Sausage Fest’. Even when ridiculously hungover from the previous nights entertainment we found this extremely amusing and I would be lieing if I said we didn’t spend a good half hour coming up with various inuendos to do with stuffing as much sausage down your throat as you could… Ahem! :-\

The day of the inaugural Plan F ‘Sausage Fest’ had arrived and it was time to turn Al’s garden into some form of German Beer Hall using just a tarpaulin, a parasol, a knackered gazebo and some zip ties… being the resourcefull young chaps that we are we found that task a piece of cake, and there we had it, the newly named Bilsborrow Beer Festival Tent. All set up for ‘Sausage Fest’ we headed off into the town to play on our new found fame as local celebrities in an attempt to get local businesses to donate prizes for the Plan F Race Night which was in just a few days. After being a bit cheeky, a lot of smiling and in some cases a little bit of flirting, we got through the usual “are you bloody mad” responses and found that yet again Plan F were pretty good at blagging free stuff. In just over an hour we’d managaed to get £100 voucher to the Sparling, 8 tickets to Guys Oyster Festival worth £115, numerous meal for two vouchers, massages, bottles of champagne.. the list goes on.

Satisfied with our efforts we headed back to the Bilsborrow Beer Festival Tent, put on some Oompah band music, poured ourselves a beer and sat and waited for our guests. After a few hours of drinking and eating people started to get a little ‘jolly’ and it wasn’t long before we were all throwing shapes and having a dance off in the ‘Plan F Nightclub’ (Al’s Garage). One thing led to another and for a good half an hour we seemed to have a medley of classics like Music Man, Agadoo, Conga, Row Boat Song, Macarena and the obligatory YMCA. Amazingly my brother Stu knew each dance routine off by heart and was absolutely insistant that we all took it seriously and got it right whilst calling out the dance moves as he was going along.

Carnage ensued and it wasn’t too long before Al and I locked ourselves in the garage and carried on drinking whilst recording our drunken ramblings so that we could watch them back and laugh at them in the morning. Random! The following morning we had a count up and were extremely impressed with a further £130 which we had raised… Next up.. Plan F Race Night at Th’Owd Tithe Barn, we’ve not really any idea how it works, we’ve left that up to Mooch. We’ve just got prizes and sold horses so God only knows how that will turn out!

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