All You Can Eat Meat!

The day had arrived it was time to test our business skills out, would we make a profit or would the BBQ be an epic failure and end up costing us money? We’d woken up to sunshine, it was 25 degrees the sun was shining, it seemed like the big man had listened to our requests. We spent the day converting Al’s garage into a bar, knocking up a small shelter and prepping the food. The garden looked great, the garage looked even better, we had somehow managed to turn a completely standard garage into a bar come cinema come dance floor. We had a projector showing photos from previous Plan F Adventures, music, fridges full of beer and wine and had cleared enough room for some dancing should it get a little crazy later on.

Pleased with all our hard work Al, Will, Brenda and I sat back and enjoyed a cold beer in the sunshine and waited for 5pm. We’d been checking the weather forecast and the MET Office were now reliably informing us that we were likely to have a heavy rain shower at 9pm and that it would then rain for a week, great! As 5pm drew ever closer, so did the big black rain clouds and at almost 5 o’clock on the dot the cloud burst right over the Plan F BBQ. Marvellous, just as we were expecting people to finish work and come down it started hammering it down. Everything was promptly moved into the garage and there stood myself, Al and Will waiting for some customers. Not put off by rain, like true Brits, amazingly a few people arrived in raincoats and under umbrellas and we lit the BBQ and thought, balls to it… party on!

A few gentle reminders on Facebook and Twitter and we were pushing 15 guests, not bad considering the rain, but nowhere near the 40 we’d hoped for and budgeted for. It wasn’t looking great. Deciding that we’d obviously have enough wine, Al and I hit the beers and it wasn’t long before the party really got going. We exited the garage and huddled in an old tent before Chappers and myself dug out a ridiculously large tarp from my car and from a few bits of rope and a couple of garden canes constructed what is now known as the Plan F-stival Tent. Chappers and I, extremely satisfied with our handy work posted a photo on Facebook and within the hour we had 35 guests all huddled under the Plan F-stival Tent filling their faces for charity. Whilst everyone was having a good time keeping dry Chief Meat Tosser Will was putting in a sterling performance barbequing in the pouring rain and keeping people happy. Al even started doing table service for drinks so no one had to get wet and I was working on the bar, seemingly keeping the crumblie’s VERY happy as they were the first ones to crank up the tunes and start throwing some shapes!

Not ones to miss out on some shape throwing it wasn’t long before Al and I joined in and from that point onwards it was all a bit of a blur. As we approached the small hours people started to leave, some people even came back, didn’t they Chappers? The last thing I remember was being sat around the fire pit at 4:30am singing songs and drinking cocktails that Brenda had knocked up having called them Machu Picchu and Aunt Lucy! Needless to say we had a good night. Despite the rain we had a fantastic turn out and Al and I cannot thank the people that came enough. At one point we really thought it could turn into an epic failure, but you guys made it a great night and better still after taking all the costs into consideration we made over £200 profit for Marie Curie… Alan Sugar would have hired the pair of us!
Better still we have 60 sausages and 60 buns and a boat load of booze left and so have decided to host another BBQ event, ‘Plan F’s Sausage Fest’. There are too many possible innuendos to write them all on here so I shall leave that up to you…


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