The Apprentice

This past few weeks has been like an episode of The Apprentice for us, only without Alan Sugar peering over our shoulder. We’ve been talking about products, staffing, overheads, advertising, sales and most importantly profit margins!

We’d set ourselves the task of organising and hosting the mother of all BBQ’s to raise us some serious cash for Marie Curie. Not being the ‘planning’ type we thought we’d just freestyle it, after all that is what the ‘F’ stands for! It didn’t take long for us to realise that this attitude was more than likely to lose us money and not raise any money for our charity. And so, the Plan F boys gathered in the Boardroom (pub) and had a brainstorming session on how best to tackle this challenge and to attempt to figure out some of the details. First things first, we needed a venue.. easy, Hempton Towers was plenty suitable and we have had many an impromptu BBQ there in the past. Next up was possibly the most important, produce.

We needed meat, lots of meat… a whole truck full of meat, because in our infinite wisdom we had decided that in order to make this successful we would have to offer All-You-Can-Eat for somewhere in the region of five of our friends hard earned English pounds! Having honed his skills in the markets of South East Asia and India Al went down to Scott’s Butchers in the Market House, Garstang and explained what we were doing whilst whipping out some grade A negotiating skills and low and behold walked away with a bloody good deal on said truck load of meat, and so Plan F’s All-You-Can-Eat BBQ was formed!

Having worked out our overheads on our booze and meat, we did the sums and worked out that if we could get 40 people to attend at a fiver ahead for the food and drink a couple of beers at a quid a can, then we would turn a small profit. The profit margin was slim, but it was a profit! I cracked on with the advertising and before we knew it we had about 20 confirmed guests on Facebook and a few more ‘crumblies’ who had confirmed by carrier pigeon. Things were looking good, Will had kindly offered to be ‘chief meat tosser’ and so we seemed to be all set, just had to pay a quick visit to the supermarket and then it was game on….
So, off to ASDA we went in search of all the bare essentials like plastic cups and paper plates, not forgetting the essential wine for the ladies. We’d been in ASDA half an hour and still couldn’t make a decision, Plan F were getting stressed… Al wanted to spend £40 on wine, I wanted to spend £20 neither of us knew how much to buy and we were conscious that if we spent more money we’d need to make more money and with the weather forecasting rain we were unsure who would still turn up if it was a wash out. In the end a decision was made and we decided to just spend £20 and see how we went on. We both took the very sensible decision that we wouldn’t drink at first in case we needed to go on a booze run… most unlike us, we know!

It had been warm and sunny all week with temperatures in the mid 20’s, the weather forecast was still changing hourly, would it hold out for us? We looked at the sky, told the big man upstairs that this was for charity and asked that he would sort us out with some sunshine for tomorrow then called it an night

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