Quizzy Rascals

Plan F have been working diligently under a number of different pseudonyms recently in their quest to win as many of the local pub quizzes top prizes as possible.

As most of Plan F’s stories start, we were in the pub one evening when we realised that between us we formed a pretty mean quiz team and that if we combined our knowledge with that of some of our friends and family, we could surely conquer the pub quiz circuit. That said, we had been attending the Tithe Barn pub quiz for weeks and as yet had not won it once!

Nevertheless we paid our entry fee and Al, Brenda (Al’s mum) and I set forth on the first of our ‘Pub Quiz Challenges’. Come the half way point when they read out the scores, we were losing… massively. However, it turned out that we weren’t in last place at all the Quizmaster had just not written our score down! Come the end of the quiz we were quietly confident… and rightly so, we won! Excellent that was £16 straight into the pot… time for the next one.

The following evening I went to the Shovels pub with Warren and Gill (my mum) we frequently form a pub quiz team and regularly win something… quietly confident again… and again, rightly so! Quiz number 2 won and 3 bottles of wine for a future raffle.

Like Take That, only with a shorter gap in-between, Plan F re-formed in the Tithe Barn on Tuesday to defend their title as pub quiz champions only this time without Brenda, but with Will, Joe and Sarah. Dropping only 5 marks in the whole quiz, we were back at the top and won yet again… another £18 in the pot.

The following evening Plan F returned with Warren and Gill to the Shovels to see if they could retain the crown there and win yet another prize. An extremely tough quiz got us thinking we hadn’t got a chance, but with some very intelligent guess work we reigned victorious once again, this time with a £10 food voucher.

Four out of four quizzes and we’re going strong, so we thought we’d turn our hand to a game of Play Your Cards Right. First ticket drawn out… one of Plan F’s, It seemed like lady luck was on our side. However having drawn the same cards 3 times and won two coin tosses we were down to the last card and it looked like the £110 jackpot was ours… heads or tails… tails, it never fails, right?… wrong, it does fail, we were out. Gutted!

Having had their ticket pulled out, another team said that if they won it they would donate the money to charity so we were naturally cheering them on. They got to the final card, they had a three… they went higher, as you would, what comes out? A bloody two! We missed out on it twice. Words cannot describe how gutted we were to have come so close to a £110 boost to the funds and yet miss out at the last moment… twice! C’est la vie I guess, we’re still on a 100% success rate with the quizzes so here’s hoping we can continue to keep winning those.

Total to date: £34, 3 bottles of wine and a £10 food voucher.

That’s all for now.

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