Plan F-Stival 2013

After the rip-roaring success of the first ever Plan F-Stival we decided we’d make it an annual event, or at least for now whilst work allows us to. For those of you who don’t know us or have no idea what the Plan F-Stival is I shall now try to briefly explain. Back in 2011 Al and I organised an all-you-can-eat-BBQ in aid of Marie Curie, on that occasion it poured with rain, undeterred we through up a large tent in the middle of the lawn and supported it in the middle with garden canes and parasols and one of our friends made the comment “It looks a bit like a shit version of the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage” at which point I made some reference to it being more of a Plan F-Stival tent, literally seconds after that Al and I came up with the idea of Plan F-Stival; a mini music festival for our friends and family to come and enjoy on a summers day whilst donating to a good cause.

So there it was, Plan F-Stival was born. In 2012 we held the first ever Plan F-Stival and were blessed with a bitterly cold breeze, it had all seemed so perfect until our first guests arrived and at that point the first clouds arrived but never the less we battled on, got the drink flowing and the music going and no one seemed to care. That day we made over £600 for Marie Curie. Fast forward a year and we were back and this time we had every intention of making it even better than last year. We couldn’t perfect the weather but we could perfect all the rest…

Having been forecast good weather we took a gamble and planned for that illusive sunny day. Our mate Stew Rigby supplied us with a large trailer for us to turn into a stage and our previous employers, Guys Thatched Hamlet provided us with a piece of their outside bar so that we could look a bit more professional than an old pasting table with a cloth over. Al was able to get all our meat sponsored by The Horns Inn at Churchtown and my good brother, Stu Edwards, sorted out a deal with The Co-Operative to get us all the lager at a really really good price! Al even managed to get his hands on a cask of ale from Lancaster Brewery, so our bar was now complete with our very own pour-your-own-pint cask at the end of the bar.

Plan F-Stival was shaping up, the day arrived, the sun was shining, the BBQ was lit and we had a lovely Blonde sitting seductively at the end of the bar under a parasol just asking for you to go over and get your hands on her… I’m talking about the Lancaster Blonde bitter you filthy swines! Our first acts arrived followed shortly by the first guests and before long Plan F-Stival was in full swing. Will was doing a sterling job on the BBQ, I was frantically collecting cash and promoting the responsible drinking of all our guests whilst Al ran between helping Will and performing on stage.

Once the sun started to go down, so did the shots of Tequila thanks to Sarah and before we knew it (or didn’t as the case may be) we were all rather merry and it was all coming to a close.

Waking up the following morning a little bleary eyed we began the task of tidying up which between our great group of mates took no time at all. Then came the fun task, counting the money… we wanted to do better than last year and it seemed to be better than last year but how much had we made? Well…. just shy of the £1000 mark!!! Amazing!! There was no question, Plan F-Stival 2014 was going to happen, the question is how the hell could we improve on it?

Al and I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who attended and in particular all the people who either performed or helped in the organisation or success of the day, we couldn’t have done it without you! A year ago Plan F just consisted of Al and I planning to do a stupidly hard adventure to raise money for charity but since then Plan F has developed into a group of great people doing their bit for a great cause. Thank you all so much.


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