Plan F’s Junket Trailer

In September 2011 the original Plan F line up went to Peru in an attempt to drive the worlds worst vehicle from Piura in Northern Peru to Cusco in Southern Peru. Sounds fairly straight forward you might think? Well, factor in the Andes and the Amazon, a vehicle that if it were powered by some lame Guinea Pigs would be an improvement and you’re somewhere close to the challenge we faced.

There were daily breakdowns, nights slept in sheep shed’s, night driving in the Andes with a knackered headlamp and impromptu street parties. Some would say this would be there worst nightmare, not Plan F though, we just got some beers in when it all got really tough.

You can get a taster of what our Mototaxi Junket was like by watching the below video. *WARNING* There is swearing in this video!

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