Day 1: London, UK – Munich, Germany

Having skipped out early from the launch party the intrepid Plan F boys slipped out into the London night, and after a brief pep talk from a Lewisham bouncer we were out on the open road and headed for Dover. Obviously, we got stopped by customs, but apart from that all was golden, and we settled down for a brief evening snooze on the grubby floor of a cross channel ferry.

Dave took on the monster-fuelled graveyard shift, through the rainy French night until the sun came up. Don’s first act on taking his stint was to take evasive action to avoid a unidentified but distinctly wolf-like creature which decided to get a closer look at the Skoda at 130km/hr. Al then took over to set an early land speed record attempt (90mph, downhill with a stiff breeze behind – perhaps we should get a sail like the Just Add Water guys!) before steering the good ship Skoda into Munich just in time for some mid-afternoon beers. Time taken to pitch tent and have cold beers in hand: 2minutes 39 seconds, but we’ll get quicker.

It had been a mammoth 30hr drive but almost 10% of the rally had been smashed out and there was still time to take Don on a cultural and historical tour of Munich’s beer halls (I always thought HB stood for Hofbrau, but history detective Don assured me it was a cunningly disguised code for Hitler’s Bar). Some cracking street music and the lure of more beers almost led the lads astray, but with a lot of driving to do the next day, the boys decided to be Earlynight Steves and call it a night. Rob had a great time.

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