The 5th Team Member…

Ever sat at home gazing at your Facebook timeline, seeing our photos of our adventures and thinking “I wish I could be with the lads”? Well fear not, this could be your lucky day.
Although as you all know we don’t like planning over here at Plan F HQ, we have begun to accept that in order for us to get you fine folk to turn out your pockets and hand it over, it helps if we do something for you – that requires some planning. So months before we leave on these charity adventures we start writing numerous finely crafted begging letters, Alan and I have developed quite the knack of this over time but even then it is like trying to get blood out of a stone, every once in a while though one works out and a company with a heart and more than likely a good sense of humour writes back and says yes – the fine folk over at were one of these companies.
Thanks to Party Packs we can offer one of you lucky people the chance to come with us… sadly not in person, but rather as a cardboard cut out. Party Packs have agreed to print us a life sized cardboard cut out of one of our lucky donators and should that be you we will be taking you along for the ride. Thats right, you’ll be coming for a pint with us in Munich, having a kebab in Turkey, visiting the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan, no doubt end up in a Russian prison cell overnight at some point and of course you will be there with us at the finish line. We at Plan F promise to take you with us wherever we go and whenever we have a team photo, you will be in it. There will be no more looking at our photos on Facebook wishing you were there, you will have your very own album of photos from when you drove to Mongolia WITH Plan F!!
So don’t delay, sponsor us today £10 and we will enter you into the draw. For every multiple of £10 you sponsor us you will get another entry – but hurry, there is only a week left to get your donations in! To donate you can go to or you can simply text PLAN60 (plus your amount) to 70070. Thanks in advance and we hope to see YOU at the start line.

We all like a good party so if you’re arranging a party, need some fancy dress or even a life size cut out of someone who can’t be there then go check out they have literally got everything under one roof and they are super friendly and easy to deal with. Myself, Alan, Gilbey and Don would just like to say a massive thank you to Katy over at Party Packs for acknowledging and agreeing to our somewhat strange request, you’ve already helped us raise a small fortune and I’m sure there is more to come.


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