Plan F Are Planning?

Unbelievably both myself and Al have now had two successfull ‘planning’ evenings without getting too inebriated and booking random flights. Which we think is a bit of a result!.

Up to now we’ve managed to pretty much nail the website,, so check it out I’m sure you will agree is looking pretty tidy! We’ve sorted ourselves out a twitter account @PlanFAdventures where you will be able to follow the highs and the lows; the randomness, hilarity and the despair which I’m sure will ensue on the weeks and months ahead. We’ve got a couple of Just Giving websites made so that you kind folk can donate your hard earned wages to a good cause. Check out the ‘Sponsor Us’ page on our website for details.

If any of you know of anyone, or any businesses who would be interested in supporting us on this adventure please contact us on or see the ‘Contact Us’ page for further details.


Dave :o)

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